Sustainable Enterprise Project

During Junior year, students develop and implement a business through the Sustainable Enterprise Project.

When students finish 11th grade, they will know how to write a business plan, and launch and run a business!
This project begins with students identifying a professional purpose that motivates them, developing a business idea, and crafting a business plan for a sustainable enterprise of their choice.  At the culmination of the fall semester, students will deliver pitches on their enterprises to a panel of mock investors.   This panel will then select a handful of businesses to be implemented.  The spring semester is then focused on implementing the selected business plans in groups, practicing project management skills, and developing an implementation workplan so that students will be equipped with the structure and resources to execute their business plans.  

Below you'll find a list of student business plans from the 2014 -2015 academic year. Click on their link to view the plan itself!

Baggy T's

Build a Biosphere

Eco Inform


Midori Box

Survivial Pathways