The Marin School of Environmental Leadership (MarinSEL) is comprised of students, parents and educators from Marin County and beyond who are committed to building a vibrant community school within Terra Linda High School in San Rafael, California. MarinSEL provides youth with real world, field-based opportunities to build leadership skills while they become stewards of the environment.

MarinSEL is a school within a school.  MarinSEL students are integrated with the Terra Linda High School community and attend many of the conventional classes that are taught. MarinSEL distinguishes itself by offering an innovative curriculum that builds on the traditional subjects and augments the students’ high school experience.

The framework for teaching at MarinSEL is progressive education with a focus on environmental leadership. Progressive schools are not rigidly defined, but share some common goals—that education should be integral with action, that learning should be multi-disciplinary, that a child’s personal initiative should be fostered, and that they will learn to see themselves as active participants in the world around them. Students who are so wholly engaged in their own learning will develop the skills needed to be leaders in their communities. Through community-focused learning, they become strong individuals and ideal candidates for the finest colleges.

With the additional focus on environmental issues, students will be prepared to meet the challenges of a changing society. By having sustainability infused into their education, MarinSEL students will understand the interconnectedness of systems (environmental, social, and economic). This will prepare them to stand out as adults, no matter what their area of focus—art, science, engineering, or business.

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