Family Giving Campaign 2023-2024


This page is for the 2023-2024 school year Family Giving Campaign. 

Due to the robust nature of the MarinSEL program, additional funding is integral in ensuring that program runs at the highest level possible for all students. As it stands, the program contribution ask is an additional $3,000 per student. In order to alleviate the need for additional fundraising and volunteer efforts, every family is asked to contribute what they can - we encourage families who are able to contribute the entire $3,000 to do so. We know not every family is able to contribute at that level, and we encourage every family to pay what they can. Our goal is 100% family participation!

The generous contributions from our MarinSEL families go a long way in supporting the program’s academic and enrichment opportunities. These funds guarantee that our teachers are properly trained and paid for their extra time min the MarinSEL program and provide support for essential program and curriculum development.

The MarinSEL program’s main source of funding is through your direct contribution to the Family Giving Campaign and we receive no money from Terra Linda High School to run our program. These funds guarantee that our teachers are properly trained and paid for their time in the MarinSEL Program, provide support for essential program and curriculum development, and pay for SEL accreditation.

PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to pay by check please make the check payable to "School of Environmental Leadership". Include "Family Giving" in the memo section of the check and mail it to the address below. Once payment is received and processed you will receive a confirmation email.

School of Environmental Leadership
C/O Strategic Energy Innovations
100 Smith Ranch Road Suite 124
San Rafael, CA 94903
* Please note that maximum recurring installment amount per is $999 per week/month/year.
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We love making MarinSEL available in a public school setting, but the program costs money! Donate to support a MarinSEL student scholarship or augment our fundraising to ensure a financially sustainable and flourishing program. 


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