Green Business Leaders 2023

Showcasing our 2023 Businesses


MarinSEL 11th Grade Businesses 

Every fall, MarinSEL juniors are tasked with writing a sustainable business plan, which they pitch to a panel of mock investors. Eight of the most promising businesses were selected for spring-time implementation.

Just as businesses across the world necessarily became more agile and innovative to survive the pandemic, so too did MarinSEL students with their entrepreneurial spirit, resourcefulness and community service. This particularly challenging time offers student opportunities to study and practice adaptability as an indispensable element of a successful business model.


We applaud the students for their ingenuity and work ethic, and encourage the community to support them as they forge on!

Explore & Shop the amazing products our student-run businesses are offering…


Fresh Boost

Stay Active, Stay Fresh, Stay Sustainable

Fresh Boost is a business created by 3 high school students with a mission to help you stay Fresh, Active, and Sustainable. Fresh Boost uses a simple yet effective formula to combat unpleasant odors. The current fresh boost product line consists of Mint, and lemon eucalyptus scented solutions, both packaged in 8 oz glass bottles. 

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Bloom Tea

Sustainable Sipping

Here at Bloom Tea, we craft 100% sustainable and biodegradable tea boxes with ingredients that are devoted to improving the physical and mental health of our customers. We source our teas from local gardens and farms, and are committed to building a better Earth through our promotion of native plants, and protection of our environment.

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Passionate play for positive change

EcoPlay is a guitar pick and music company devoted to creating sustainable products for positive environmental change!

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Bitchin’ Surf Wax

That’s Bitchin’ Wax!

Bitchin’ Wax is an eco-friendly surf wax made out of 3 natural ingredients with ZERO Paraffin. We focus on diversity surfing while creating the best surf wax in the friendliest way possible. That’s Bitchin Wax!

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Jax Snax

Buy the best, buy Jax Snax

Our company strives to make an all organic and environmentally friendly product, perfect for any type of dog! The main focus around our treats are to provide a nutritious and delicious snack to ensure every dog is living a happy and healthy life!

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Dos Marcos

Dos Marcos in Name, Cuatro Marcos in Heart

We’re a sustainable and ethically sourced clothing brand based in the Bay Area ran by students! We make poorly conditioned clothes look great again!

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The Shticks

For the Planet, For the People

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