Volunteering is an essential component of The SEL community. Whether you’re a parent or guardian, student or member of the community interested in finding volunteer hours, or a member of the community who would like to support sustainability education, look here for opportunities to volunteer!

1. Parent Volunteer Portal

SEL Parents/Guardians must complete 10 hours of volunteer time, per student, per school year. Click the SignUp link and follow the instructions below to view current parent/guardian volunteer opportunities.

Click to View Our SignUps on SignUp.com

  1. Click the SignUp link above. (Note: You can only access The SEL Parent Volunteer Opportunities list through this link.)
  2. To sign up, click the “View” button corresponding to the specific volunteer opportunity. You will be prompted to sign in with your email address. Please use the same email address The SEL has on file.
  3. Once you enter your email address, be sure to confirm your registration for that particular volunteer opportunity.
  4. To find out what you’ve already volunteered for, click the “Find My SignUp” link at the top of the page. You will have to enter in your email address and SignUp will send you a comprehensive list of what you have volunteered to work.

Note: To have the best experience with SignUp, please create an account. This will allow you to continuously track what you have volunteered for and will allow you to sign up for new volunteer spots with more ease.

2.  Student Volunteer Opportunities

The SEL students must complete 10 hours of volunteer time per school year and attend 2 events.

3. Community Partnerships

The SEL is fueled by the active participation of parents and business leaders throughout the local community. This program relies on the participation of businesses and industry professionals to bring external business acumen to enrich each students’ learning as they tackle challenging projects. Here are three rewarding ways to get involved:

Leadership and Environmental Action Development (LEAD) Projects 

  • Semester-long student projects that address an environmental issue in collaboration with a community partner and parent mentor.
  • Partners meet once a week with students in The SEL program at Terra Linda High School.
  • Past partners include the Golden Gate Electric Vehicle Association, Marin Sanitary Service, Marin Clean Energy, the Gallinas Watershed Council, Resilient Neighborhoods, and many more. Contact the MarinSEL team to discuss a project of your own!

Sustainable Enterprise Plans

  • Juniors design, write, and implement sustainable enterprise business plans
  • Partners are needed to:
    • Provide content lessons in the fall on topics such as business development, market research, design thinking, marketing, and more.
    • Serve on the Sustainable Enterprise Panel in December to evaluate business presentations.
    • Act as business development partners/consultants to student teams.

Senior Internship Program

  • Seniors complete year-long, environmentally-focused internships for college credit through Skyline College.
  • Students work four hours a week from September to May.
  • Employers must be able to identify long-term projects and provide supervision, mentorship, and training necessary for students to be successful.

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