Senior Internship Program

The Senior Internship Program is designed to provide students with real-world work experience, job skills and knowledge. SEL seniors, through their work in three years of Environmental Leadership Seminar and SEL core classes, are prepared to take on a professional role with a local business or organization. Strategic Energy Innovations (SEI) administers the internship program in partnership with San Bruno-based Skyline College. All SEL senior interns receive college credit through Skyline’s Cooperative Education Program. In addition to completing internship work hours (four hours per week from September-April), students attend class sessions focused on professional development, career awareness, and internship reflection. Class sessions are led by an instructor from College of Marin.

SEI’s focus is to foster relationships with local organizations to offer internships to SEL seniors that provide meaningful and impactful work focused on addressing environmental issues and/or internal sustainability. Beginning in spring of junior year, SEI recruits local employers to offer internship placements. Through a series of workshops and trainings, juniors develop professional cover letters and resumes and apply to three or more possible internships. After interviews are conducted, SEI works with SEL teachers to secure placements for all students based on employer feedback and student preference.

Students hit the ground running as soon as their senior year begins, working with their internship employer to develop a Scope of Work to serve as a work plan for their eight-month internship. During the school year, seniors are expected to work four hours per week at the internship (excluding school vacation weeks) and attend weekly class sessions led by COM. Progress is tracked through writing assignments, timecards, evaluations and site visits.  Students showcase their work and experience at a professional poster session at the end of senior year.

The internship program provides a culminating experience in The SEL program scaffold approach – student work and performance is heavily dependent on each student’s commitment and interest in their internship. SEI seeks to provide appropriate and relevant support and structure for students to address and overcome personal and professional challenges. Read below for a list of internship placements!


Internship Hosts, 2018-2019 School Year

San Rafael Airport

Strategic Energy Innovations

EDG Interior Architecture + Design

Marin County Health and Human Services Department

Community Media Center of Marin

Call of the Sea

Marin Municipal Water District

Marin County Office of Education

Zero Waste Marin

All One Ocean

Office of Supervisor Damon Connolly

Strategic Energy Innovations

One Tam

Dixie Elementary

Global Student Embassy

San Rafael City Schools

Agricultural Community Events

Kids Cooking for Life

Felidae Conservation Fund

Walker Creek Ranch

Marin County Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program

Girls Garage

Violich Farms